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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to School Craftivity Pack (4 Crafts) and Literacy Centers

Just finished my Back to School Craft and Literacy Center  packet.  I had a blast creating 4 transportation themed crafts - perfect for that first parent night bulletin board display. 

As with all of my crafts, these are easy assembly and ready to copy onto construction paper for use by the kiddos.  I like to keep it simple (but cute) for the little ones.

The themes  are:
"Rocketing into 1st Grade" (or Kindergarten or the School Year)
"Flying into 1st Grade" (or Kindergarten or the School Year)
"On the Road to 1st Grade (or Kindergarten or the School Year)
"All Aboard for 1st Grade" (or Kindergarten or the School Year).

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The packet literacy activities are all Common Core aligned.  They are perfect for review, or to assess the skills of your new students, or to introduce your kiddos to the coming year's Common Core goals. 

Literacy Center Activities Include:

* Page 3:      Story Beginning, Middle, and End (RL.K.2 and RL.1.2).
* Page 4:      Story Elements (RL.K.3 and RL.1.3).
* Pages 5 & 6: Compare and Contrast (RL.K.9 and RL.1.9).
* Pages 7-10:  Describe Graphic Organizer (support skill for W.K.8 and W.1.8).
* Page 15-18:  Upper Lower Case Letter Match (RF.K.1).* Pages 19-33: Long/Short Vowel Sound Sort (a,e,i,o,u) sorting mat, sorting cards,and recording  sheets included ( RF.1.2).
* Pages 34-37: CVC-Beginning and Ending Consonant Sounds (RF.K.2/RF.K.3 and RF.1.2/RF.1.3).
* Pages 38-41: CVC Vowel Sounds (RF.K.2/RF.K.3 and RF.1.2/RF.1.3).
* Pages 42-43: Rhyming Words (RF.K.2).
* Pages 44-51: "Rocketing into ..." (directions, illustrations, patterns).
* Pages 52-58: "Flying into ..." (directions, illustrations, patterns).
* Pages 60-66: "On the Road to ..." (directions, illustrations, patterns).
* Pages 66-73: "All Aboard for ..." (directions, illustrations, patterns).

If you leave a comment your name will go "into a hat"  for a random drawing of a copy of the packet. I am giving away two packets. 

And the winners were:  Mrs.S. and Rachel M.  The back to school "Transportation Packet"  has been sent to your email address. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Granny (Cindy)

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Free-bee" Clip Art Pack

As you may have noticed from my last blog post ... I have NOT been a "busy bee" this summer.  I have been play, and playing, and playing some more!

Feeling a little guilty about this, I decided to create a "Free-bee" clip art set for all my blogging friends and followers who have been hard at work all summer long.  Hats off to all of you. 

I hope everyone has had fun, gotten some relaxation time in, and are ready for the school year to begin. 

Please feel free to download my "Bees" clip art packet.  Just click on the image below.  I will "bee" thrilled if you leave a comment!  A little love is always appreciated :). 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back From a LONG Summer Break!

Hi (once again) to all my blogging friends.  I haven't posted since mid-May when I set off on a long summer break.

My husband and I took a "road trip" and traveled through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.  We had a BLAST enjoying the beer gardens in Munich, attending the opera in Vienna,  roaming the shoreline of Croatia, and visiting the numerous historical sites in Verona and the Italian alps.

I'm enjoying a "little" beer in a Munich Beer Garden

Trying my hand as a puppeteer in Salzburg - the home of  "Sound of Music"

The quaint town of Hallstatt in Austria

Croatia's amazing Plitvice Lakes National Park
Stayed here for 5 days - Zadar, Croatia
Verona hill top... not an easy hike! 

We got back in time to wash our clothes and then head off for a bike trip across Colorado.  My husband rode his bike for 470 miles over the peaks of the Rockies.  I followed in the car (smart me!).  It was cool and beautiful, and I was lucky enough to miss the week of extreme heat here in Tucson (113 degrees)... YIKES!

Colorado's snow-capped mountains in June!
Valley wildflowers in Colorado

Now it's back to work, blogging, and creating fun units and activities for the little ones! 

Before I get back to business, I want to let you know about a great celebration hosted by Wendy at Read With Me ABCShe is hosting her 100 Followers Give Away and she has some wonderful prizes!  She is giving away a $25.00 TpT Gift Certificate and 9 of her blogging friends are giving away products.  I am delighted she invited me to join her celebration.  Be sure to click on the image below to head over and enter right away!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Granny (Cindy)