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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Freebie: Scarecrow Clip Art

Happy Fall!
Here's a scarecrow clip art image (transparent, 300 dpi) I made to celebrate our cooler weather.
Click on image to download
Granny (Cindy) 
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

October is Around the Corner!

Yep... that's right, October is around the corner.  So... it's time for a Fall Sale.  I am putting my Fall Craftivities on sale (20% 0ff) 4 days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Here they are:

Click on image -TpT Frankenstein Craftivity

Click on image-TpT Ghost Craftivity
Click on image- TpT- Scarecrow Craftivity
Click on image- TpT- Whoooo Loves Graphs?

Click on image: TpT Johnny Appleseed Craftivity

Click on image- TpT- Veteran's Day Craftivity

Click on image:  TpT Fall Themed 10 Frames

AND a Freebie:  7 Little Monsters, 300 dpi, transparent background- clip art.
Click here to download.

Have a great wekend
Granny (Cindy)

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AMAZING ipad Application!

Do you know GoodReader for the ipad?  It's an amazing interactive PDF reader.

Click here to get more details.

I purchased it on Saturday night and used it Monday morning with the 6 firsties that I tutor.  It's amazing for the following reasons:

  • You can download all your PDF learning units and activities directly on to the ipad. 
  • Each child can write, draw, circle, trace, etc. directly on the page, on your ipad.
  • You can save each child's work.
  • Children have a full, colored screen page to work on.
  • It saves on TONS of copying and laminating.  All I took with me on Monday morning was my ipad and a stylus.  
  • You can easily change up activities based on each child's level.
My little ones loved working on the ipad, in color and with a stylus.  I decided to have them use a stylus (as opposed to their fingers) so that they were practicing their pencil holding and writing skills.  Here are some example of what they worked on.

The children traced, wrote, and drew. 
Instead of cutting and pasting, the children put circles and squares around the images and then wrote the words.
My photos of the images on the ipad do not do the activity visuals justice.  They are way cuter and more colorful than I could capture on my camera.  Taking pictures of things on the ipad is more difficult than one would imagine!  Anyway..... 

Wondering where I got those delightful activities?  I used Mrs. Wheeler's "Now Presenting Magic E" pack.  This 120 page packet is full of activities perfect for advanced kinders, 1st graders, and 2nd graders that may need some review.  The activities were varied enough to meet the needs of all the little ones I am working with.  

Click here to head over to Mrs. Wheeler's TpT Store
Contents of the pack

I also used Lisa's (Growing Firsties) October Common Core Crunch.  This 32 page pack had a huge range of activities.  It contains:
Word Families
How To Writing
Font Sorts
Beginning/Ending Sounds
Letter, Word or Sentence?
Case: Upper, lower, title
CVC sorts
Syllable Counting
List making
ABC Order

Click here to head over to Lisa's TpT Store

The students were even able to work on the activities that might normally be set up for cut, sort, and paste action.  We became innovative and they learned to sort by highlighting in various colors, drawing arrows, and marking with circles and squares.

If you have started working on that Christmas list... I would definitely suggest adding GoodReader for the ipad and Lisa's  and Megan's literacy packs. 

Have a great day!
Granny (Cindy)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creating For the Classroom: $6.00 + A Trip to Jo-Ann's = Three Cute Classroom Goodies!

Let me first start out by telling you... I LOVE Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store!  I have a store about a mile away from my house, so you could call me a "frequent flyer" or should I say a "frequent buyer".  

When I read Miss Kindergarten's post about Jo-Ann's Classroom Crafts Linky Party... I knew I had to jump in!  I am over there at least once a week 

Now here's the fun part.  Once a month, I head to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft with $10.00, two coupons, and a personal challenge to see what I can make for the classroom for $10.00 or less.  I spent $6.32 this trip and here is what I purchased:
Jewelry Designer: Brass Tie Tack with Clutch

Craft Essentials: Felt Stickers

Pack of 61 Halloween Erasers

Here's what I did with them:

1)  Created Halloween (finger trackers) for reading.  I like to create new finger trackers for reading each month.  I always have packs of craft sticks around the house.  They are inexpensive and I use them for everything!  I simply paint the craft sticks and glue on different themed felt stickers.  The kids love getting new and fun fingers tracers each month.  They are quick and inexpensive to make.

Here they are spooky and ready for reading.

 2)  Birthday Pins for that special day.  I always struggle with how to acknowledge each child's birthday.  I have tried birthday hats but some children don't like to wear them.  Gift packets can get to be expensive.  So... buttons to the rescue!  I am always collecting buttons.  I have hundreds (and that's no exaggeration).   It occurred to me one day that I could easily turn my buttons into special pins.

Brass tie tacks with a clutch cost less than $3.00 (there are about 15 in a bag).  I select fun buttons and glue (Gorilla Glue) them on the flat side of the tie tack.  Once they are dry,  I showcase them on a Birthday label and allow the children to select the pin of their choice on their special day.  They love wearing the Birthday pins.  They can remove the label the next day and still keep wearing the pins.  They have become quite popular.

Pins and buttons

Glue the button on the flat part of the tie tack

Birthday pins with tags. 

3) Halloween Erasers (pack of 60!) Graphing Work.   I use these bigger packs for  graphing centers.  I put the erasers in zip-lock baggies (10 to the bag) and create graphing charts.  Super hands-on, super fun!  Each pile of 10 is different so there's lots of opportunity for practice. These erasers are also wonderful for 10 frames work.   

Groups of 10 ready for bagging and the math center.  

Here is a copy of my Halloween eraser graph page.  Feel free to pick it up!

Click here to download.

What can I say but - "Not bad for $6.32" (plus 2 Jo-Ann's coupons).   Thank you Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store! 

Granny (Cindy)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and Writing Prompts

We are still NOT enjoying any fall weather here in Tucson!  It hit 100 degrees today - yuck!   

I have been enjoying seeing everyone's fall apple units and Johnny Appleseed activities.  All your fun apple activities prodded me into the fall spirit and I couldn't resist my urge to create a new craftivity. 


Here's a close up of the "quick and easy" craft.  

This easy to assemble Johnny Appleseed craft is a breeze to to cut and put together.  The craftivity makes a perfect showcase for student writing prompts that include:

* Describe page
* Write About the Johnny Appleseed Story (primary and secondary lines)
* Read, Trace It, Draw It page
* Facts I Know About Johnny Appleseed writing prompt (primary and secondary lines)
* A B C Order page
* "If I Were Johnny Appleseed I Would..." writing prompt (primary and secondary lines)

The packet also comes with full patterns and illustrated (pictured) directions.  This packet is a great addition to any teacher's apple unit. 

If you think you can use this in your classroom, please leave a comment and I will randomly select two people to receive a free copy.  Please be sure and leave your email address so I can send the winners a copy by Saturday night.  

Have a super rest of the week.  I'm off to a conference in Phoenix tomorrow (cuz it's not hot enough here for me!). 

Granny (Cindy)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Apple Word Play and a Freebie

Look at what's available at the Dollar Tree... sight word dice! 

High frequency word dice

There are 2 word sets available.  Each set of three dice has 18 high frequency words.   I snatched them right up and created these fun little roll and color sheets. 
Click here to down load both game sheets and student directions. 
The little "firsties" that I tutor LOVED playing this game today.  It was a great way to help reinforce those high frequency words.   When we play again, I'll use bingo markers for the kids to "color in" their apples.

If you would like a copy of the game sheets, just click on the apple sheet game board to download both sets and the student directions. 

Before I go, I have to tell you about a great celebration and give away.  Irene at Learning With Mrs. Leeby is celebrating her blogiversary with a fun give away (actually there are three prize packages).  She is sponsoring a super celebration, so do head over ASAP!

Click here to head over to Irene's fabulous give away celebration. 

Have a great week!

Granny (Cindy)

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Black and White Clip Art Frames and Halloween Fun!

As I promised last week, I am offering my followers 10 black and white clip art frames. They are all 300 dpi and transparent. This makes them a breeze to use on all your projects. They are for sale at my TpT store, but free here for my friends and followers.

Click here to download.  
I have also been busy finishing some Halloween clip art.  I had a blast with these two packages.

This set comes with 5 images, 7 papers, and 6 frames.  It will be available at my TpT store by the end of the weekend.  

This mini-set of little monsters was inspired by... no less than some cute little monsters I've encountered in the last few weeks :).  This will also be available at my TpT store by the end of the weekend.  

Check out some of my other freebies:

Have a great weekend!
Granny (Cindy) 
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Favorite September Book Linky and Craftivity Freebie


So many books and so little time!  We all have favorites and every day new and wonderful books are being published.  Let's share our favorite books, why we like them, and how we use them. 

By linking up you can help us all discover new books (or remember those we have forgotten about!)

Here is my linky post:

  Click here to download a free copy of my Silly Goose Craftivity and Writing prompts.

Here's the blank for you to download and complete. Then link up and share your favorite book with us. Please don't forget to:
  • Include the linky button and link back to this post
  • Comment on the linky post before and after your post.  
  • If your favorite post-reading activity is an activity or packet you offer on TpT (or other store)  please feel free to add the link to your store to your post.  

Can't wait to see your favorite September books.  

Granny (Cindy)

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