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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Gingerbread Man: Sequencing Pocket Chart Cards - FREEBIE!

It seems that almost everyone is reading some version of The Gingerbread Man this week.  If you enjoy engaging your little ones in story sequencing using the pocket chart, you'll want to grab this freebie. 

I have put together story sequencing cards for The Gingerbread Man and included a number of thinking map activities. 

You can grab your freebie here!  

This sequencing packet contains:

* Sequencing title cards
* Sequencing cards (old lady; farmer; fox; cow; cat; pig; horse; rooster; dog; gingerbread man;  gingerbread girl)
* Circle Map writing activity
* Brace Map writing activity
* Tree map writing activity
* Sequencing writing prompt

I included a number of different animal cards as it seems that every version is slightly different. 

Happy holidays to ALL!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Directed Drawing Freebie

I just fell in love with the book Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.  After I finished creating my Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!  Sequencing and Thinking Map Activities I was itching to create a directed drawing activity to go along with the reading. 

Here it is and it's a FREEBIE!  Click here to grab it from TpT: Click, Clack- Directed Drawing

The packet contains:
* Teacher directions
* A directed drawing step-by-step guide
* Two writing prompts (Sequencing writing prompt and creative writing prompt).

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Have you read the book Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!  It is adorable.  Doreen Cronin has hit it out of the ballpark once again.  Her "Click, Clack" books are hilarious AND wonderful for sequencing practice.

<a rel="nofollow" href="">Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!: with audio recording</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

I have put together a 32 page Sequencing and Thinking Maps packet to use in conjunction with this adorable holiday book.
Click here to head to TpT

The packet contains the following and can be used throughout the month in your literacy centers and as whole class activities:

Pocket Chart Sequencing:  Title label and images. 
Number Cards: Numerals, number words, and ordinal numbers.
Cut and Paste Sequencing: Individual student activity.  (Teacher Guide included.) 
Vocabulary Picture Cards: turkey, tree, reindeer, gift, Santa, winter, fireplace, lights, sleigh, cookies, stocking, Santa bag, chimney, hot cocoa, duck, sheep, cow, and pig.
Circle Maps: “Santa on Sleigh”, “Reindeer”, “Chimney”, and “Christmas Tree”.   
Tree Maps: “Santa” and “Reindeer”.
Double Bubble: Compare and Contrast Maps: “Christmas Tree/Tree in the Forest”, Real Ducks/Fictional Ducks”, “Real Reindeer/Fictional Reindeer”. 
Brace Maps: “Parts of a Duck”, “Parts of a Reindeer”, “Elves”, “Santa”. 
Author’s Purpose: Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! (Can be used with any text.)
Thinking Deeper:  Two prompts included. 
Read and Draw:  “I Hear Jingle Bells”

Friday, December 4, 2015

Ho, Ho Ho... A Fun Alphabet and Number Recognition Game

My daughter's class of preschoolers just LOVED my "Flap, Flap, Gobble, Gobble Game.  Actually, they enjoyed it so much that they begged to play it all the time.  (We are so sneaky with our number and letter recognition practice).   She asked if I could make her something similar for the month of December.

Ho, Ho, Ho was my response!  This is a highly engaging way for your little ones to practice their alphabet and number recognition.  It provides ton of holiday fun with a silly Santa twist.

The packet contains the following:
* Capital letter cards
* Lower case letter cards
* Numbers 1- 25
* Santa cards
* Directions
Click here to head over to TpT

I also have a high-frequency word version of the game.  Here's the link to the Ho, Ho, Ho! High-Frequency Word Practice edition.  This game provides a fun way to practice the 1st 50 Fry's high-frequency words. 

Click here to head to TpT

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Apple Graphing Labels: Freebie

My daughter asked for some labels for her pre-k classroom's apple graphing poster.  She had a devil of a time finding pictured labels for this and suggested that others may be able to use these.

Help yourselves by clicking below:

Click here to download this PDF.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Silly Bats Clip Art Freebie!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you can use these silly bats in your projects and printables.
Click here for your 8 image freebie. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apple Roll and Color Freebie

Do your students need a little more practice recognizing their color words?  What about recognizing numbers on a die and one-to-one correspondence?

These four Roll and Color pages are a great way to practice.  Fill your bulletin board with unique and colorful apples.
Click on the image for your freebie. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Super Easy Fall Leaf Art Activity

I love Fall.  Here in Arizona, Autumn holds the promise of temperatures under 100 degrees!  Cooler mornings, a few changing leaves, and the ability to wear something other than shorts and t-shirts is a real treat for us.

Because we have more cactus than trees, we don't usually get to enjoy the rich colors of fall.  That said, I do love to introduce the children to this season through a variety picture books.

"With illustrations made from actual fall leaves and die-cut pages on every spread that reveal gorgeous landscape vistas, here is a playful, whimsical, and evocative book that celebrates the natural world and the rich imaginative life of children"  (Amazon)

"As the leaves fall from his favorite tree, Fletcher worries that something is terribly wrong. But then winter comes, and with it a wonderful surprise.
Do you know what it is? Join Fletcher and find out. . . ."  (Amazon)

"There are lots of beautiful fall leaves to find! Three friends have a big adventure hiking over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves of all kinds and colors. What will they do with all their leaves at the end of the story? Jump and play in them, of course!  With easy rhyming text and fun sound effects, children will delight in this rollicking autumn story."  (Amazon)

These books are a perfect introduction to the beautiful colors of Autumn leaves.   An Autumn Leaves Art Project is a perfect follow up.  I've got a no fail, easy to create project that uses materials you've already got in your classroom.  No extra expense!

What I like most about this project is that each child's leaf is unique and beautiful.  I also appreciate the small motor skill development practiced in this project.  Younger children can NEVER have too much practice with tracing and cutting.  It's also amazing how many little ones have to practice before they get the spray bottle to work. 

Supplies needed:
  • Water-based markers (brown, green, yellow, red, orange) 
  • Old file folders (I got mine from an office that was happy to get rid of them)
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Leaf templates 
Pre-Activity Notes:
  • Cover the work space with newspaper.  
  • Copy leaf patterns onto heavy scrapbook paper or file folder sheets.  Cut out and laminate.  These will be the patterns the children will trace.  

Step 1:  Cut the files folders in half (diagonally).  Give each child a file folder page.

Step 2:  Have the children fill the front of the page with the variety of colors.  Discourage the children from layering the colors.  Model filling up page with the colors side-by-side.

Step 3:  Once the page is covered with the colors, allow the children to lightly spray the page with water.  Have them carefully pick up the paper and shake it slightly (until the colors run).

Step 4:  Wait for the paper to dry.  Have the children fold the paper in half and trace a leaf pattern.    This is a great time to talk about symmetry.

Step 5:  Cut out the leaves.  Using a  black marker have the children draw in the veins.  Hang them around the room or use them with the writing prompt.  Remember, for the VERY little ones, you can always take dictation when using the writing prompt.

Pick up the complete file with directions and patterns by clicking here. (It's a FREEBIE)  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat: Clip Art

Do you use the book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat during the month of October?  It is a darling picture book and provides a fun way to teach ordinal numbers, sequencing, cause and effect, and general writing traits.

I like my writing prompt images to "kind-of" match the images in the story we are referencing.  It helps the children with recall.  Here is a set of clip art images to be used in all your There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat activities.

The images are 300 dip, transparent png. files.  They will size up and down without losing any clarity.   This will allow me to size up the black and white line art images, print them out for the students to use as coloring pages, and then work in teams to create sequential mobiles.

Can't wait to see them hanging from the classroom ceiling!

Click here to head over to TPT for this clip art set
Click here to head over to TPT for this clip art set.  

The 16 images include:

Old lady (colored and black line)
Bat (colored and black line)
Owl (colored and black line)
Cat (colored and black line)
Ghost (colored and black line)
Goblin (colored and black line)
Bones (colored and black line)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Porcupine/Hedgehog Clip Art Freebie

Enjoy the HILARIOUS book A Porcupine Named Fluffy by Lynn Munsinger.  The story is adorable and the images are a hoot!  Better yet, is the thought-provoking discussion that you can have with your students about self-acceptance.

Here's what Publishers Weekly has to say about the book:


From Publishers Weekly
Should Mr. and Mrs. Porcupine name their baby Lance? Needleroozer? Quillian? Perhaps they should, but they don't. Instead they decide on the unlikely name of Fluffy. Fluffy's name is a source of sorrow to the sharp-quilled youngster, until he meets and befriends a rhinoceros named . . . Hippo! Munsinger's bright, cheery pictures are as whimsical as Lester's delightfully silly text. Together, they create nicely absurd images, such as a scene in which Fluffy and Hippo roll on the ground, laughing so hard that they start to cry. Lester and Munsinger who have collaborated on other picture books tell a sweet story with joyful exuberance.

In the event you want to create some follow-up activities, I have made some porcupine/hedgehog clip art that you are welcome to use!
Click here to head over to TPT for the clip art freebie.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Social Skills 101 in the Classroom

It's so nice to be back and blogging again!  I had an amazing summer with a LONG road trip.  My husband and I drove from Arizona to California, up the coast through Oregon, Washington, then on to Victoria BC, Vancouver BC and back home through the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and Colorado.  Whew!  It was a blast AND we are happy to be home. 

I spent time this summer thinking about the struggles I see my student teachers having with basic behavior issues in their K-3 classrooms.  So many of our little ones are coming to class minus the basic social skills and manners necessary to be socially successful.

This issue put me in mind of the system I developed to help my kinder and 1st graders when I was teaching in the elementary school system.

I felt just the way many of you do.  I hated having to address a child's behavior.  I always felt that no matter how careful I was, it was embarrassing to the child.  I hated wasting my instruction time on classroom management issues.  I wanted a fun, happy, and positive way to coach my little ones about classroom expectations (which by the way, always happened to be  life expectations).

Here is what I developed that was extremely successful.  It virtually eliminated negative interactions around classroom behavior and the system gave us a common goal that was fun to implement.

Step 1:  I introduced one social skill a week that included a poster with visual cues.
Step 2:  We reviewed the steps every morning (at circle time) along with a "reminder chant".
Step 3:  I used puppets (for the kinders and sometimes the 1st graders) to model the behavior.  As the year went on and the 1st graders became more proficient in reading, the children engaged in a readers theater using my puppet script.
Step 4:  I had at least one hands-on activity for the students to complete focusing on the weekly skill.  This gave them something to take home, insuring that the parents became aware of the skill we were working on.

At the end of the week, the poster with the visual cues was moved to the "We can do it!" wall for reference whenever needed.

Here is an examples of a skill and visual cues:

 I have started packaging these sets.  Each set contains:
  • A poster with visual cues.
  • Directions for teaching the skill throughout the week.
  • A skill related chant
  • A skill related readers theater 
  • A skill related sequencing activity  
 I have put together three packets so far:

If you are interested in giving this system a try, just leave a comment along with which Social Skills packet you want to try.  Please remember to leave your  your email address also. 

It's great to be back! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sleepyhead Designs Studio: Easy Stamps

Sleepyhead Designs Studio: Easy Stamps

This would be perfect for kindergartners or 1st graders who love to stamp.  It's a great way to provide many stamping options.  Thanks for a great idea.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mighty Math - Make a Path: Number Sequencing Freebie

I put together this fun little number sequencing activity for my granddaughter.  It's simple, lends itself to differentiated instruction, and is never the same each time it is played.

Please help yourself to the game if you can use it with your kiddos!  

The Mighty Math-Make a Path activity includes:

  • 6 activity sheets
  • Directions
  • Number cards sheet

Thanks!  Hope you are having a great summer.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Fun Frames Freebie

Help yourselves to these 9 fun frames.  They are all black and white, 300 dpi, png, transparent files. Click here to grab them!