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Thursday, August 30, 2012

September Freebie- Silly Goose Classroom Rules Craftivity

Okay, Okay - I get it- Classroom rules are really important.  They keep things running smoothly, keep kids safe, and most importantly- they keep the teacher sane.  What I have a hard time with is how serious this classroom rules business becomes. 

Having been slightly ADHD as a child ( alright, really ADHD as a child and still some as an adult- more on that later) it was very hard knowing that sooner or later I was going to blow it and it would be a really  BIG deal.   I remember thinking that I was going to be a “nice” teacher when I grew up.  I was going to understand how hard it was to be “good”. 

In the interest of being a nice teacher- I always tried to introduce class rules with a lightness of being.  There is nothing like a little humor to take the pressure off.  To that end, I am sharing my “Don’t be a Silly Goose” Craftivity and Class Rules Activity.  

The book “Silly Suzy Goose” by Petr Horacek is about a silly goose that gets herself in trouble by not being a part of the barnyard pack.  She learns that there is a time and place for everything. There are times when being silly has its place and other times it’s just smart to behave like the rest of the group. 
While it’s a bit of a stretch- it is a good lead into to why we have class rules without making the issue so serious.  The Craftivity has three writing prompts and the craft is HILARIOUS!  Every goose produced is fun and funny.  Kids can mix and match the heads, bodies, feet, beaks, wings, etc.  The more they mix and match- the better the product. 

If you can’t find the book at your local library, you can find it at Amazon by clicking here.

I am offering this Craftivity to all my followers for free the ENTIRE month of September!   Just post your comment letting me know you’re now a follower, and include the email where you want the file sent.  Also, tell your friends and co-teachers.  If they join my blog and post a comment- I’ll send them a free copy also! 

 How Cute are these "little guys"?  

P.S.  The value of Being ADHD (as an adult)
  • When you’re 60 years old you have a LOT more energy than your friends! 
  • People with ADHD have a very high creativity quotient.
  • When you enter a crowded meeting, you don’t need to look for a chair- you know you can’t sit still that long anyway!
  • You really “get it” when your students or children can’t seem to master that “good behavior” thing. 
  • You are easily distracted, so when things are tough- you move on more quickly. 
  • You tend not to sweat the little things.



    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Free Place Value Scoot Game

    Well- it's almost the end of the first week of classes for me! This semester I get to teach an art and music methods class... it's just too much fun! We played the "A, B, C's About Me" game and we got to know a lot about each other. Although it was adults (college students,) the game can easily be adapted for 3rd grade - high school students. It's a really fun "community building" activity. If you're interested in the prompt sheet, feel free to email me and I'll send you a copy.
    I am also offering a free copy of any one of my math place value scoot games to everyone that signs up to follow my blog by Wednesday evening (8/29/2012) at 10:00 pm. You'll need to comment on my blog, identify the Scoot game you want, and don't forget to include the email address where you'd like the game sent. You'll find all my Scoot games at my TpT Store- just click the link on the side of this page.
    Have a great (well deserved) weekend.

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    I LOVE games!

    I'm in love with games... all types.  I think games are so engaging and they're a fabulous way for children to practice manners, sportsmanship and basic math, reading, and strategy skills.   I especially enjoy playing games with my grandchildren because I know it won't last forever. I also use a lot of games in my college classes.  After all, everybody wants to have fun while they learn, and I know the more fun learners have - the more they'll remember. 

    I developed a "Telling Time - I Have- Who Has?" game for time to the hour and half hour.  My granddaughter's class is working on that right now.  It's really cute and I have it at my TpT store for FREE!   Please stop by for your copy and don't forget to check out my other games.

    Click on either image below to download the game!