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Welcome to my clip art collection. Most are freebies.  Click at the top of the image to go to the blog post.  Click at the bottom of the image to "pin it". 

Turkey: Free

 Mummy: Free

Fall Frames: Free
Fall is in the Air: Free
Ghostly Trick-or-Treat:
Halloween Blockheads: Free

Fall Apples: Free

Little Monsters: Free
Elephant Pack Sample: 3 Free Images

Hot Air Balloons: Paid
Passel of Puppies: Free
Lady Bugs: Free

Love Bug # 9: Free
Love Bug # 8: Free
Love Bug # 6: Free

Love Bug # 5: Free

Love Bug # 7: Free

 Love Bug # 4: Free
Polka-a-Dot Stars: Free

Doodle Birds: Free
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