Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dino Baby: Clip Art Freebie

Enjoy these 8 "Dino Baby" clip art images.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Chick Directed Drawing Freebie

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to those that celebrate either of the two holidays. 

I created a Spring Chick Directed Drawing and Writing Prompt that I would love to share with you.

Welcome spring with this artful activity!
This 10 page file contains:

* Individual-pages of "guided drawing" spring chick directions, perfect for a whole-class activity.
* Single page, 6-step spring chick directions, perfect for an art or writing center.
* One writing prompt.

This little chick is SO easy to draw and so dang cute. The guided art activity allows for individual "egg" decorating, so each child's work of art will be different.

Once the drawing is complete, the children can color their creations using watercolors, crayons, tempera paints, or just about any material you have on hand.

As always... I sure love getting your feedback!

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Happy Easter and Happy Spring

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Flower Freebie

My wonderful Spring Break ended this morning.  My week-long holiday started out in Las Vegas attending the Pac 12 Championships.  We saw some great games and the University of Arizona won the tournament.   Yea... go Wildcats!

From there we took our grandchildren to Carlsbad California for a few grandparents-grandchildren days on the beach.  I just love those special times together.  Spring arrived with gorgeous weather, flowers blooming, and sun shinning.

I had time to doodle a little - so what better than a few spring flowers.  Feel free to snatch them up by clicking on the link below.

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Have a great start of spring!

Monday, March 2, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Clip Art FREEBIE

Help yourselves to these 9 St. Patrick's Day clip art images.  All images are 300 dpi, png, transparent files.  They are perfect for resizing on your printables, classroom materials, and TpT products. 

Just click on the image. 

Happy March!!!

Just click on the image to head over to TpT for this freebie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Froggie Art Project: Freebie

I want to start exposing my little firsties to different styles of art.  Pointillism seemed like a great place to startPointillism is a style of art where small dots of color are applied in patterns to form a "whole" or image.  Basically, it's what we want to train their minds to do in reading.

It is also a style of art where the students can be introduced to color variation or blending in a very controlled way.  Additionally, all you need is paper, paints and Q-tips... no need for expensive brushes. 

There are so many great artists who can model this style.  Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are two good examples.

George Seurat
Paul Signac

There are also some wonderful children's books that can be read as an introduction to famous artists and art styles.  I love doing this because it helps the children see a variety of styles and helps the little ones let go of the "this isn't perfect" thinking.

After looking at some Pointillism  pictures and having the children discuss the layering and blending of colors, we began the project. 

I created a frog pattern that is ready to be copied onto card stock (heavier paper is better for this project).   Each child gets a small paper plate with with four "related" colors or shades.  I had greens, some yellows and some browns available.

As you can see it doesn't take more than a squirt or two of each color.  We talked about the "less is more" concept (not well understood by 1st graders) and the importance of being able to actually see the dots (as opposed to blobs or scribbles of paint).    Did I mention what great small motor skill practice this project provided? 

Ready to start dotting the image.

Layer 1 of paint

Multiple layers of paint dots

All layers completed and cut out

Frog completed, assembled, and with writing prompt.

I'll be posting this project on TpT but if you are a follower and would like a free copy of the file, patterns, and directions you can download the file here. 

If you download this, I'd really appreciate a short comment letting me know that you got it.  I'm never sure if people download my freebies.  

This file contains banners and writing prompts for :

Hoppin' into Spring
Hoppin' into the 100th day
Hoppin' into the School Year
Hoppin' into the New Year
Hoppin' into Summer

I have also included ideas for completing this project as a tissue paper mosaic or as a water color drop activity.