Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day Family Fun (with Art)

I was thrilled that three out of my four children (and three grandchildren) were able to come visit us on Father's Day.  We did a lot of "hanging out", swimming and eating!

I also asked each adult and child to make a mask for me.  I really like masks.  I rolled out clay slabs and provided a head-shaped template.  I wanted everyone to start with the same size/weight head shape.  This will make hanging them a little easier for me.

The rules were: NO RULES!  I did demonstrate how to successfully attach clay pieces, cut clay, and add texture.  Then I gave everyone lots of clay, texture tools, and anything else they asked for.

Everyone was a GREAT sport.  Everyone participated and nine beautiful masks were made by artists ranging from ages 4 to 62!

Here are the results "in the raw".   Once they are completely dried, I will put on a clear glaze and fire them.  They will then be added to my "art gallery"  located on the garden walls of the entry to our home. 

I learned a few things from this family project:

  • Everyone enjoys an opportunity to be creative.
  • The people you least expect will spend the most time on a project.
  • No one is ever too old to enjoy an art project.  
  • Family art sessions are a great way to spend some time enjoying each others company. 
I can't wait until our next family get together... I already have a new art project in mind.  

Speaking of clay... my husband poured two benches for me to mosaic.  I have just finished designing, cutting, glazing, firing, and detailing hundreds of pieces of clay.  The benches are put together, glued, grouted, and sitting in our back yard. 

So how's my summer going????  Just GREAT, full of fun, family, and art projects.  What more could I ask for!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Buckets Full of Summer Fun!

I am looking forward to having "buckets full of fun" this summer!  My list includes, swimming, bike riding, hiking, watching LOTS of movies, and a month long road trip.

I was wondering what my little firsties might have on their agenda and decided to turn the question into a craft, writing prompt, and bulletin board. 

Here's the craft for my Buckets Full of Summer Fun packet.
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Contents include:
  •  One writing prompt
  •  One persuasive writing activity
  •  One cloze activity (reading/using context)
  •  Illustrated directions
  •  Pattern pieces ready to be copied onto construction paper.
I can't wait to show you the bulletin board once it's complete.

Don't forget the TpT Teacher Appreciation sale that runs May 6-7.  Everything in my store will be 28% off!  Be sure to use the promo code: TPTXO

Have a great week!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Bulletin Board and CRAZY days!

It's been forever since I've blogged or even been able to comment on all the great ideas I'm seeing on your blogs.   Don't know what to say other than, "It's been a CRAZY semester!".   I am working hard to keep my head above water.

Even with all the craziness,  I NEVER miss my Monday morning tutoring sessions with my 7 adorable firsties!   Monday mornings are the highlight of my week.

In addition to Monday tutoring sessions, the teacher I work with has allowed me to come in once a month to work on an art or craft project with the entire class.  I LOVE it!

We worked on my "Some-Bunny Loves Spring" craft  the week before Easter.    Here are a few pictures of the finished product.  The kids loved the project and the bulletin board.

Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY: Table Top Pocket Chart and Frame

As I mentioned in my last post, I made a great little table top pocket chart and frame for less than 8.00  A few people have asked for the directions.

I created an illustrated file that details the assembly of both the PVC frame and the homemade pocket chart. 

Detailed frame instructions

Detailed pocket chart instructions

 Just click here for the complete PDF file. 

Have a great spring break!  I start mine on Friday :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Blog Design and a Freebie!

I love my new blog design.  A million thanks to Barb at Ruby Slippers Blog Design.  Here are my top 10 reasons I loved working with Barb:

1.       Barb is a great listener.
2.       Barb has a wealth of experience and design sense.
3.       Barb gives great suggestions.
4.       Barb is SO patient.
5.       Barb’s design prices are very reasonable.
6.       If Barb does not have the element you want… she creates it.
7.       Barb’s turnaround time is very quick (about a week).
8.       Barb is tenacious about making sure the customer is happy. 
9.       Barb is super quick at sending proofs and returning emails.
10.    It is delightful to work with Barb! 

Now for the freebie.  I really needed a small pocket chart (desk top size) to use with the little ones that I tutor.  They are still struggling with some of the harder Fry's words (words 50-100).  I wanted to play two highly engaging games because sometimes they are a little distracted.

Game 1:  Find the Hidden...
  • The teacher places a number of words (25-30) in a pocket chart.
  • Then one special icon card is hidden behind one of the words.  (The kids eyes are closed - in theory!)
  • The students guess a word by reading it. 
  • The teacher lifts the word card to see if the special icon is hiding there. 
  • The winner is the child who reads the word that is hiding the special card.
The kids love the game!

Game 2:  BAM!

  • Words or letters (depending on the age of the students) are placed in a bag.
  • The bag is passed around and the student pulls out a word or letter card.
  • If the child can name the letter or read the card, he/she keeps the card.
  • If the child can not name or read the card it goes back in the bag.
  • There are 3-4 "BAM!" cards in the bag.  If a child pulls a BAM, the game is over.
  • NOTE:  For smaller groups just put the cards in a pile and the 3-4  children just draw from the top.  Same rules and game play apply.  
Here is my file with:
1)  High frequency words.
2)  Seasonal items to hide behind the words.
3)  Bam! cards.

Also, my husband and I made this table top pocket chart frame and pocket chart.  The whole thing - stand and pocket chart cost less than $10.00.  If you'd like the directions just let me know. 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lucky Leprechaun Craft and Writing Prompts

Better late than never should be the title of this blog post. My lucky leprechaun craft and activities are a bit late this year! This should have been completed weeks ago but sometimes life just happens and things get delayed.  Nonetheless, it was great fun to create.
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This St Patty's Day packet contains one super cute (and easy to assemble) leprechaun craft and 5 literacy activities.

Packet contents:
1) Read the Room: Sentence Fix It (CCS: L.k.1; L.1.2; L.2.1)
2) Read the Room: Syllable Sort (CCS: RF.k.2; RF.1.2; RF.2.3)
3) Read It, Write It, Draw It (CCS: L.k.1a)
4) How to Catch a Leprechaun- Writing Prompt (CCS: W.k.3; W.1.7; W.2.3)
5) I'm so Lucky Because... Writing Prompt (CCS: W.k.2; W.1.3; W.2.2)
6) Illustrated directions
7) Pattern pieces (ready to copy onto construction paper)

Last year's  St Patty's Day craft and writing prompts are also available.

Click here to see more
Click here to see more

Packet contents:
1) Compare and Contrast (graphic organizer)
2) 18 Word Wall Cards (St. Patrick's Day themed)
3) Move and Make Words activity
4) I Remember a Time When I Was Lucky-writing prompt/primary lines
5) I Remember a Time When I Was Lucky-writing prompt/secondary lines
6) Illustrated step-by-step directions
7) Patterns

I would love to give away two packets.  Please leave a comment with the name of the packet you'd like and your email address.  I'll pick two winners by Friday.

P.S.  Be on the look out for my all new blog design... it's almost done!  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FREEBIE - Cat in the Hat: Guided Art Activity

Here's a VERY easy Cat in the Hat guided art activity for children of all ages.  The children's pictures turn out so dang cute and are definitely bulletin board worthy!

For the complete FREE file click here.  

Thanks for stopping by!
Granny (Cindy)
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