Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day Family Fun (with Art)

I was thrilled that three out of my four children (and three grandchildren) were able to come visit us on Father's Day.  We did a lot of "hanging out", swimming and eating!

I also asked each adult and child to make a mask for me.  I really like masks.  I rolled out clay slabs and provided a head-shaped template.  I wanted everyone to start with the same size/weight head shape.  This will make hanging them a little easier for me.

The rules were: NO RULES!  I did demonstrate how to successfully attach clay pieces, cut clay, and add texture.  Then I gave everyone lots of clay, texture tools, and anything else they asked for.

Everyone was a GREAT sport.  Everyone participated and nine beautiful masks were made by artists ranging from ages 4 to 62!

Here are the results "in the raw".   Once they are completely dried, I will put on a clear glaze and fire them.  They will then be added to my "art gallery"  located on the garden walls of the entry to our home. 

I learned a few things from this family project:

  • Everyone enjoys an opportunity to be creative.
  • The people you least expect will spend the most time on a project.
  • No one is ever too old to enjoy an art project.  
  • Family art sessions are a great way to spend some time enjoying each others company. 
I can't wait until our next family get together... I already have a new art project in mind.  

Speaking of clay... my husband poured two benches for me to mosaic.  I have just finished designing, cutting, glazing, firing, and detailing hundreds of pieces of clay.  The benches are put together, glued, grouted, and sitting in our back yard. 

So how's my summer going????  Just GREAT, full of fun, family, and art projects.  What more could I ask for!