Friday, February 22, 2013

Five for Friday and a Freebie

This has been a CRAZY week!!!  I'm linking with Doodle Bugs on her Five for Friday linky. 

1).  Had a great start to the week in San Francisco.  Finished my conference on Saturday but stayed until Monday enjoying the sites, sounds, and good eats in the "City by the Bay".  Weather was amazing- almost 80 degrees and sunny!
View from the bay tour boat.

2)  Headed home and enjoyed a freak snow storm in Tucson, Arizona.  That's right - I said snow!  It was incredibly beautiful. 

Saguaro National Monument
Snow covered cactus

3)  Headed to the dollar store and found these cuties.  These cut outs come in the following pairs: peanut butter and jelly; paint and brushes; frogs and lily pads; mice and cheese.  There are 24 to a bag.  They are ready to add words, math problems, or anything else that you want (on the back of the cards) so the kiddos can match and record.  All I need to do now is laminate and make a few "record your work" pages! They also had cute St. Patty's Day glasses.

The mice and cheese; and frogs and lily pads are also darling!

These cute little glasses would be perfect for March "read the room" activities.
4). Had Thursday and Friday off for (get this) Rodeo Vacation.  Yes that's right- all the schools in Tucon, including the college where I teach, get rodeo days off.  We have a huge parade on Thursday morning and rodeo festivities all weekend long.

Just one of the many floats at the parade
 5).  Made these cute little boxes out of old Nintendo cases and designer duct tape.  The kids love opening each box and unscrambling the sentences.  They are so versatile, I'll be filling them  with all sorts of fun activities, math problems, etc. 

Numbered each box and made a generic numbered recording sheet. 

Now that you've heard about my crazy week, let's hear about the students' crazy week.  Just download the writing prompt (there is a primary writing line and secondary writing line version) and let the kiddos share.  It'll be a hoot I'm sure.

Have a great weekend
Granny (Cindy)