Friday, October 18, 2013

Struggling Readers and a Freebie!

The little munchkins I'm tutoring are really struggling with CVC decoding.  They need practice, practice, and then more practice.  Unfortunately, my seven tutoring kiddos (yes, the number grows each week) come from VERY unfortunate circumstances.

Three of the seven are either in foster care or have been removed from their homes a variety of times.  The opportunity to practice reading with an adult at home is quite limited.  Their access to books at home is also quite limited. 

So.... I spent quite a bit of time looking for books just slightly above the beginning patterned book level. I wanted some thing that would:
  • Provide practice decoding CVC words and word families 
  • Provide practice reading high-frequency words in the context of sentences
  • Provide something could be taken home and practiced independently 

This order was harder to fill than I expected.   So I created my own emergent reader and five follow up activities.  Because the reader is my own printable, I was able to give each child his own copy to take home and practice.

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 The packet contains: My Bug Doug Printable Emergent Reader (and 5 follow up activities):

  • A Word Family ("Ug") Slider and Recording Sheet (Read It, Write It, Stamp It)
  • Read the Room Cards (2 sets: Real "ug" words and Nonsense "ug" words)
  • Spin and Cover Game 
  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: "Ug" Board Game
  • A B C Order Work
The kids had a good time with the story and by the end of our tutoring session were feeling good about their ability to read the book once a day on their own.  They also liked having a book to take home and keep. 

If this packet is something you think you can use, please leave a comment along with your email address so I can share a few copies with my followers.

And now for the freebie. Enjoy this fall number sequencing puzzle.  It come in three versions: Sequence by 1's, skip count by 2's and skip count by 5's.

Clip here to download the PDF

Have a great weekend.

Granny (Cindy)

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  1. You're new Bugs, Bugs, Bugs unit looks great!! Thanks for the freebie too! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for the Freebie! It is so cute!! My kiddos will love it. I have a couple of students who would benefit from your Bugs Unit and they LOVE bugs!!

  3. I, too, work with struggling scholars and your Bug packet would be perfect for reinforcing our learning. Thanks for all you do to help kids.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    It looks great and I would love a copy of your latest pack.

  5. Cindy, this looks great! I have several kiddos I could use this with and I'd love a copy! Thanks so much for sharing it!


  6. Great job on your bug set, Cindy. Could certainly use this with my lowbies. I ran each of your skip counting games on a different color of cardstock to help them keep track of the pieces. Thanks so much for your work.

  7. Cindy,

    I just found your blog through Manic Monday. Thank You for the great ideas and freebies! Don't you wish you could just take each and every one of those little kiddos home with you, we really have no idea what they go through.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful freebie. Have a very happy birthday!