Monday, August 4, 2014

Fall Center Activities... Last Sale Day on TpT and a 10-Frame Freebie

Just a reminder about the big TpT sale... it end tonight.  Here are some great fall items marked 28% off.

The "firsties" that I volunteer with are really struggling with "Making 10".  Their teacher asked me if I could put together a quick 10-Frame recording sheet.  They will be practicing with:
  • Two-sided chips
  • Lima beans sprayed red on one side, left white on the other
Each child will be given 10 items and asked to do lots of "shake, pour, and record".   Here is a copy of the the recording sheet.  It's nothing special, but it's very functional!  Help yourselves if you think you can use it with your little ones.  Just click on the image to download it.
Be sure to print in landscape mode.

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