Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and Writing Prompts

We are still NOT enjoying any fall weather here in Tucson!  It hit 100 degrees today - yuck!   

I have been enjoying seeing everyone's fall apple units and Johnny Appleseed activities.  All your fun apple activities prodded me into the fall spirit and I couldn't resist my urge to create a new craftivity. 


Here's a close up of the "quick and easy" craft.  

This easy to assemble Johnny Appleseed craft is a breeze to to cut and put together.  The craftivity makes a perfect showcase for student writing prompts that include:

* Describe page
* Write About the Johnny Appleseed Story (primary and secondary lines)
* Read, Trace It, Draw It page
* Facts I Know About Johnny Appleseed writing prompt (primary and secondary lines)
* A B C Order page
* "If I Were Johnny Appleseed I Would..." writing prompt (primary and secondary lines)

The packet also comes with full patterns and illustrated (pictured) directions.  This packet is a great addition to any teacher's apple unit. 

If you think you can use this in your classroom, please leave a comment and I will randomly select two people to receive a free copy.  Please be sure and leave your email address so I can send the winners a copy by Saturday night.  

Have a super rest of the week.  I'm off to a conference in Phoenix tomorrow (cuz it's not hot enough here for me!). 

Granny (Cindy)


  1. Your craftivities are the best! Way to go on another home run! Hope your week is going well, friend!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Adorable craft!

  3. Adorable!!!