Sunday, September 21, 2014

Word Work: Set 2

We just finished working on our Set 2 of "Word Family" Work.  We worked on "ug", "in", "ip" and "op" as well as another 20 high frequency words.  The stations are becoming more familiar and the students are becoming more independent.  Now that routines are set for some of the activities, I've been able to introduce new variations of many of the activities.  In total, we completed 44 word family activities last month

I included the following activities for each word family.  Some of the activities were used in our "word work" stations.  Some activities were sent home as homework.  The kids loved the activities and are becoming proficient with both word families and CVC skills.

Here are the activities I used for each word family:
  • Word Charts (posted in the classroom)
  • Picture Cards (laminated and housed in various centers)
  • Memory Card game
  • BAM! Card Game 
  • Spin and Write
  • Rainbow Words
  • Dot It - Pin It (The kids LOVE "Pin It")
  • See It - Spell It
  • A, B, C Order (We moved up to 6 words for alphabetizing)
  • Make a Word
  • Color by Word (Boy, was this a hit!)
  • Review Activity

Word Cards were very helpful for encouraging independent learning.

Memory Game and Bam! Games changed theme as well as words each week.

This month I introduced Spin and Write

We completed Rainbow Words using either crayons, colored pencils, markers, or water colors.

Image on the left - Dot It example and image on the right Pin It example

See It - Spell It and Circle the Words

A, B, C Order and Fill in the Sentences Activities

Make a Word provided great CVC practice.

Students LOVED this hole punch activity: Read and Punch!

Color by Word was the most requested activity.

Each week ended with a Review activity: Glue It, Spell It. 

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Thanks and have a great week!

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